Study Confirms Advantages of PEO


A Special Report in the May issue of NAPEO's PEO Insider discloses that 89% of PEO clients said their PEO significantly reduced their time demands and 68% reported that using a PEO saved them significant amounts of money. 


These results come from a comprehensive study of PEO services by professors at three leading universities.  The study was paid for by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and completed in cooperation with NAPEO.


The average client in the study reported a net savings of $12,000 from using a PEO.  More than 500 clients were surveyed from 52 NAPEO members.  While the study found that both time and money savings were significant, the results indicate that saving time may have been the more universal appeal to clients. 


The study also revealed that two-thirds of the 512 clients surveyed reported it was the PEO's quality of services instead of its price that matters most in choosing their PEO.  PEO's that participated in the study received a full copy of the results. A detailed summary of the results are included in a special report featured in the May 2002 issue of PEO Insider.  The PEO Insider is a member service of NAPEO and has twice been recognized by Association Trends for "Excellence in Association Publication."

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